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  • C&P Planner Shopping Tips
    Want to save on your next Cloth & Paper planner purchases? Here are some pro planner shopping tips and hacks to maximize your investment.
  • We Tried Daily Harvest – Our Review
    We tried Daily Harvest bowls, soups, flatbreads, and smoothies. This is an honest review based on nutrition, price, convenience, and taste.
  • Planning on a Budget
    You can definitely get heavily into planners and spend up a storm, but that is not required.  Here are some helpful hints so you don’t blow your budget.
  • Tips and Hacks for Printing Printables
    After years of trials, and wasting a ream of paper, here are tips and hacks to master printable printing and cutting.
  • Planner Newbies
    Are you a planner newbie? Are you just getting started, or need a reboot on planner basics? We can help.
  • Happy Mail
    Do you love getting mail and deliveries relating to your planner? Who doesn’t?