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We have the answers to a variety of Planner Questions. Visit this page for frequent updates.

What is Minimalist Planning?

Minimalist planners like to keep it simple. Many use mostly black, white, gray, or nude colors, or muted pastels. They avoid frilly or overly decorated looks.

What printer do you suggest for printing planner inserts?

You need a planner that can easily print on both sides, hopefully with a single pass such as this HP printer.

What is the best advice for a newbie planner?

Try a Planner Consultation. You can save a lot of time and $$. New planners may not know the ins and outs of which size to use and which items are good to purchase.

What are some tips for printables?

You need the right tools. This includes a printer that does double sided printing, a good trimmer and punch, and paper that will be thick enough so it doesn't show through to the other side once you write or highlight.

For details on all and some hacks for trimming and punching, check out this article.

How can you save money while planning?

Use a coupon code whenever possible. Don't over purchase items! Start small. Many beginners start out in a size that doesn't work for them. Do the research. There are many Facebook Groups where you can get questions answered.
When you are considering a new size, don't buy anything. Print a free printable to see how that size works for your needs, and fits your handwriting.