Planner Tips and Hacks

Planner Tips and Hacks

We love to share planner tips and hacks that solve problems or just add some joy to our planning.

C&P Planner Shopping Tips

Want to save on your next Cloth & Paper planner purchases? Here are some pro planner shopping tips and hacks to maximize your investment.

Planning on a Budget

You can definitely get heavily into planners and spend up a storm, but that is not required.  Here are some helpful hints so you don't blow your budget.

Tips and Hacks for Printing Printables

After years of trials, and wasting a ream of paper, here are tips and hacks to master printable printing and cutting.

Essential Small Planner Tools

Some inexpensive small tools make planning much easier. See some tips and hacks for using the tools in this video.

Planner Hacks with Clear Cards

Clear cards have become more popular in the past year. Here are some planner hacks and tips using the clear cards. If you like to see comments, click “Watch on Youtube”. Here are a few popular hacks and tips videos: Tips and Hacks With Cloth and Paper Clear Covers 6 Short Cloth and Paper Random[…]Read More

Dollar Tree Cutting Mat Planner Dashboards

DIY Dollar Store Cutting Mat projects and a shameless confession from this Happy Planner addict.